John L Mathis

Railroad Photography

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MTA PCC 3345 enters the Mattapan terminal in the spring of 1978.

MBTA PCC 3345 enters the Mattapan, MA terminal in the spring of 1978. By this time the Boeing Vertols had taken over most of the running on the other routes which were formerly held down by PCC's. The Mattapan-Ashmont line PCC's were different from the rest of the MBTA PCC fleet in that they were double-ended cars (formerly from Dallas, TX). These "Dallas" cars were not used as double ended cars and the lead trolley pole had been removed as each end of the line had a loop. This line was not connected to the rest of the Boston area light rail lines and cars which needed maintenance had to be transported via the subway lines in order to reach their maintenance facilities.

Canon Pellix - 35mm - Ektachrome